Commercial Building Cleaning Boise, Idaho | Office Cleaning Service

Let M L Solutions help you out with your building maintenance and make your employees environment more productive, healthy and inviting with our commercial building cleaning service.

OFFICE/Reception area
Dust cleaned desks and shelves
Wipe down chairs
Door Handles
Light Plates
Windows exterior/interior
Vacuum carpets and sweep or vacuum and mop hard floor surfaces, wipe and clean
Window sills
Empty trash can and replace liners
Damp dust copier/fax machines
Clean telephone receivers and sanitized all working surfaces.
Clean mirrors
Wipe door handles
Hard surfaces
Light plates
Clean/sanitized toilet
Empty trash can and replace liners
Refill soap dispenser
Paper towels and toilet paper
Mop floors
Break room
Clean counters and sinks
Clean microwave
Refrigerators or appliances
Clean coffee pot
Mop Floors
Damp dust cabinet surfaces
Additional Options
Windows exterior/interior
Lawn Care